My Fellow Houstonians:

I need you all to know that as for me, the task of leading the City of Houston is easy. I’ve been managing the City since I was a teenager. However, as Mayor, having such experience gives me more time and authority to focus on the specific needs of the City to include:

  • Solving the Fire Department’s pay issues within my first month back on the job, making sure that theirs and HPD’s salaries are matching the national pay standards as well as providing additional performance based pay and ensuring that a fair promotion system is in place.
  • Also seeing that Houston gets and manages our fair share of the recently approved $41 billion dollars to resolve our obvious flooding problems before another disaster hits.
  • Taking an analytical and common sense approach to the remaining City departments making sure that tax payers are getting their greatest gain for their precious dollars.
  • Reducing crime by increasing law enforcement and allowing more proactive community involvement by police and citizens.
  • Listening to and keeping our children and young adults actively engaged in municipal and community organizing processes.
  • Listening to and improving the quality of life for our senior citizens.
  • Listening to and helping our single mothers, listening to and mentoring our future leaders.
  • Staying alert and prepared for future hurricanes, flooding, and all other weather related emergencies.
  • Staying alert and prepared in the event of terrorism and active shootings.
  • asking all ministers and those who wish to assist me by participating in weekly prayer and bible study at City Hall and all around Houston.
  • Help the homeless get their lives back on track.
  • Stopping all wasteful spending by the City of Houston, ensuring that all council members have real power to make the right choices for their constituents.
  • Ensuring that we avoid a tax increase at all cost, ending our trash problems permanently.
  • Improve the overall customer service and response times once and for all, maintaining and creating more green space.
  • Assisting our school systems to become the best in the nation.
  • Ensuring efficient public transportation.
  • Repairing potholes and solving problems before Election Day, so forth and so on.

As a Forest Brook Senior High School graduate raised in Houston’s Fountaine subdivision, a conservative, a pastor, father and businessman, it is a great honor and privilege to continue to serve the City of my origin; the same in which I served as a faithful employee for nearly three decades. I often laugh as I tell people that “I grew up at the City.” I love the Lord, I love people and I love to serve people. I was born to be a public servant. Hence, the Lord has called me back to be the leader of the greatest and most diverse city on the planet; Houston, Texas. I’m ready to make a Real Greater Houston. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve as your next Mayor. Bishop Dr.  Kendall Baker. Join the movement at

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